Partnering to improve the Cable Swivel Tool (CST)

Partnering to improve the Cable Swivel Tool (CST)

Posted on 01/31/2020

For over 15 years StoneAge has offered the Cable Swivel Tool (CST) to clean boilers and furnaces. Historically, the CST has been positioned manually (by hand) or with wenches. SMITH INDUSTRIAL SERVICES (SIS), based in Mobile, Alabama, called StoneAge looking for a way to drive the CST using automation. SIS and the StoneAge Solutions team came up with the idea to pair the CST with the ProDrive hose feed tractor to make cleaning easier and safer.

“StoneAge and Smith Industrial Services have worked together for many years. We often combine our capabilities with the StoneAge engineering team to increase our safety and productivity for challenging applications to come up with ideas like the CST and ProDrive combination” - Richard Welch of SIS

We are extremely thankful for partners like SIS who help us find creative ways to automate cleaning applications. Together, we can make the industry safer and more productive.

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